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The Ethical Machine will have her own lab

  • 23. September 2016, 16:45
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On the 29th of September we are finally there: My "Ethical Machine" will get her proper lab. And everyone who wants to be part of this, just needs to register for the launch event here – just follow this link. [SS1]

When we begin to develop a machine, we should have put some thought into what it is that we want to achieve. So here is the mission and definition of The Ethical Machine (finally!).

Mission Statement

  • Ethical Machines are being built with the goal to support humans in growing their talents and flourish.
  • Ethical Machines are not ethical in themselves.
  • Ethical Machines are "ethical" because they are built with an ethical mindset by ethical engineers.
  • This is a mindset that cares for each individual user.
  • It is a mindset marked by humbleness (not arrogance).
  • It is a free, positive, creative and artistic mindset
  • The goal of Ethical Machines is to support true human flourishing.
  • For this purpose, Ethical Machines want to cater to human values.
  • In being built based on values they foster human talent.
  • Only cautiously they take over human tasks and only where this is in the clear interest of those replaced.
  • Ethical machines strive for true progress through their excellency and quality. They maximize durability and minimize obsolescence.
  • Ethical machines are flexible, openly configurable and adaptable to local contexts.
  • Ethical Machines are beautiful, but not seductive.

Seen this mission it is not surprising that we invited two visionaries who have thought and taught a lot about "good" machines: Aral Balkan and John Havens. (Sarah Spiekermann, 23.09.2016)

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