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Value-based Engineering

A Guide to Building Ethical Technology for Humanity
"There is a wealth of books and publications about technology ethics, or recommendations for trustworthy AI systems. Recently, the IEEE published the "Standard Model Process for Addressing Ethical Concerns during System Design" (the IEEE Std. 7000-2021) under Sarah Spiekermann’s leadership. But what are the foundations of ethical design? What are values, and what is the difference with principles? Above all, HOW to concretely develop a technological system that is aligned with humanistic values? While the European AI Act is still in the womb, Sarah Spiekermann united her knowledge, experience and talent together in this brilliant and accessible book which provides a comprehensive manual, bridging the gap between theory and practice. It will be the precious companion of every engineer and every manager, to understand how to build ethically aligned technologies, but also a resource to empower the interested citizen."
Raja Chatila, Sorbonne University

Digital Ethics

Ein Wertesystem für das 21. Jahrhundert

„A must-read.“
Andrian Kreye, Süddeutsche Zeitung

„Spiekermann’s range of insights is remarkable and captivating: she takes us from Silicon Valley, to Aristotle’s ethics, to the history of the West’s faith in technological progress, to fundamental questions of knowledge and human values. This book is at once soaring in vision and utterly practical in application, an essential guide to cultivating good lives in the digital age.“
Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University


Ethical IT Innovation

A Value-Based System Design Approach

„This book is a must read for any marketer, PR person, engineer, scientist, programmer or developer.“
John C. Havens, Digital Ethics Thought Leader

„... a breakthrough volume; it will stand as essential reading and a primary reference in the further development of ethics and IT design, most especially as informed by virtue ethics approaches."
Professor Charles Ess, University of Oslo

"A fascinating, remarkable journey about the importance of ethics in the design and application of modern information technologies. Deeply researched and engrossing- -a book all innovators should read."
Professor Alessandro Acquisti, Carnegie Mellon University

Networks of Control

A Report on Surveillance Digital Tracking,
Big Data & Privacy

“the most comprehensive study ever carried out on this aspect of the digital economy”
La Stampa, Italy

a must-read for anyone who is interested in today's data-driven world”
Paul Nemitz,, DG Justice, European Commission

“having such a collection of examples in one place is really exciting”
Anna Fielder, Chair of Privacy International

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Sarah Spiekermann, Ph.D.

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