Sarah Spiekermann, Ph.D.   –   Business Informatics Professor and Thinker

Selected English Talks

DLD Conference, Munich, 2024
The end of humanity

TEDx Heidelberg, 2018
What Philosophy teaches us about Technology

SWISS RE, 2017
First standard for ethical systems engineering

GLOBART Academy, 2016
The End of Value Free Machine Design

Vienna, 2014
Innovation in the Digital Age

Berlin, 2010
Tomorrow Today

Selected German Talks

Mind the progress 2021
Warum brauchen wir digitale Ethik?

DWC-TV, 2020

Shift, 2020
Digitale Ethik

Phönix 2019

FAZ, 2018
Ist neues eigentlich immer besser?

Be Good

re:publica, 2014
Die ethische Maschine

ISA, 2012
Keynote - Teil 1

Sarah Spiekermann, Ph.D.

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